I recently had an opportunity to review body camera video for two separate incidents involving our the Bellevue Police Department.
The video and audio technology now is amazing. The body cameras record clear images and the sound is relatively easy to hear. When an officer has to deal with circumstances requiring interaction with a citizen, it’s generally being recorded. I have noticed a bit of a pattern. A citizen complains about an officer’s behavior during interaction, but the camera does not lie, and the recording often proves the officer is professional and polite under difficult circumstances.
I am extremely proud of our officers and the professional behavior they displayed in extremely volatile situations in the camera recordings I have reviewed. Everyone involved stayed on task even though one of our officers was attacked with a knife. The attacker started a fire inside of the building to distract the officers as they were about to enter. Our officer was able to disarm the assailant who will now be tried for multiple charges. While this was going on, our third officer put out the fire in the kitchen which took a while since a whole can of lighter fluid was squirted throughout the house.
The Bellevue officers involved were Marc Chapman, Michael Lyon and Michael Knight. They were backed up by Dayton officers Gil Marksberry and Zach Goetz. I would buy you guys a drink, but you are always on duty when I see you.
They were confronted with ugly, dangerous circumstances, on an emergency basis. The decisions they made in real time probably saved lives, including their own.
I see the officers often, on the street and in City Hall. I have learned that they are highly trained professionals, that they care about what they do, and they have empathy and understanding for the citizens they serve.
Sesquicentennial Kickoff Party
There will be a backyard party at my house at 212 Fairfield Avenue on November 21 st from 6:30- 8:00 pm. Please enter on the Lafayette side of my property. There will be a band so just follow the sound. There will be hors d’oeuvres and drinks.
This will be the first Sesquicentennial Porch Party. Because we expect many people to come we moved it to the backyard which is three times as big as my front yard. The new logo and branding will be rolled out at this party. Everyone in Bellevue is invited.
Fairfield Avenue Christmas Walk
This year the Christmas Walk on the Avenue will be November 29 and 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 6::00 p.m. Every business you enter gives you another chance at winning one of 30 $25.00 gift certificates. One lucky person will win a $250.00 gift certificate. Coincidentally Saturday the 30 is also Small Business Saturday.
Please support Bellevue’s businesses. The “small business” owners work so hard to stay open and provide services for Bellevue’s business patrons.
Lincoln Road Status
City Engineer Mike Yeager has gathered and reviewed all existing plans. He and members in his engineering firm have scrutinized the plans, and made an analysis of improving Lincoln Road to control water runoff.
A site visit was recently completed with multiple engineers. We now know where all of the infrastructure is located.
The videos provided by the residents have all been reviewed. These were very helpful. City Engineer Mike ran a complex water shed model. Actual surveying is being scheduled now.
Our goal is to complete the project with a 50/50 match with Sanitation District No. 1 using funding presently available. We are hopeful the bottom line will be in the $400,000 range.
South Ward
We’ve been to visit South Ward numerous times to review the condition of the road. It’s sliding down a hill, and we’ve got to take action. The citizens who use the road are agitated and concerned. We’ve placed cones on the road for now.
City Administrator Frank Warnock has made numerous calls to the state’s “emergency” road aid fund department to try to find some money to help the City of Bellevue pay for an expensive unanticipated road repair. We didn’t budget for this event because we didn’t know it was going to happen. In any event, Frank calls and leaves messages, but he has not received a return call. He says it’s ironic that he’s calling the emergency department, encounters a recording for an emergency, and then no one calls back. Who’s behind that curtain? We’ll keep trying and knocking on more doors to get this done one way or the other.
Come to the BED
The City of Bellevue will roll out its Entertainment Destination District ABC license program the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. This will allow patrons of our taverns and restaurants to walk with standardized identifiable cups on the Avenue between businesses.
For a little fun, we are calling the area—from O’Fallon to Riviera on Fairfield Avenue—the Bellevue Entertainment District; i.e. the BED. We’ve been joking a lot about the endless puns this will generate.
This program is a work in progress and we want to be prudent, respectful and careful. This is something new and we’re learning as we go. We have looked at what other cities have done in this department such as Owensboro, Maysville, Somerset and others.
Our effort is to try to energize Fairfield Avenue with fun events and programming. We want our merchants to be successful and maybe this will help a little. We are asking participants to be respectful, use common sense, and abide by the law. Those who don’t will be subject to enforcement, and we don’t want to have to do that unless it’s necessary.
We have rules. They will be on the standardized cups and posted in participating taverns and restaurants. We have reported what we’re doing to the state ABC office, and we want to be in compliance. Our police officers will be monitoring this program and we will work with them closely.
Shop at our businesses. Follow the rules. Have fun and behave!