As of February 1, we now have both our new City Administrator, Frank Warnock, and our new City Attorney, Dave Fessler, on the job. Frank and I have been meeting, talking, thinking, planning, strategizing, trying to understand issues, and prioritizing. We have our ears to the ground, and have been listening to suggestions and concerns.

One issue that we have been hearing about is the need for enhanced communications with our elected leaders, citizens and staff. Frank has established a weekly management meeting with staff. The hope is that we can open the lines of communication between department heads, and all employees of the City.

We want the Council to consider a visioning session so we can capture their ideas, hopes, goals and dreams and make them reality. I promise you that we will make the effort to be the best that we can be serving the citizens of Bellevue. We have listed many of the problems and opportunities that exist in the City. I will write about a few of them here. (Click on the blue link to see the rest of the Mayors message.)