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For a variety of reasons, Bellevue, Kentucky, remains an excellent choice for locating and operating a business. As an example, just have a quick read about this story on the success Mackey Advisors, a professional financial services firm, had when moving to town. Whether you are already in business and are looking to relocate or are just getting started, Bellevue is here to help you grow. We know our community is not successful unless our businesses are thriving.

Bellevue offers plenty of opportunities for new development and relocation throughout our City. We have two historic districts, including a vibrant main street historic district, which have helped preserve the collective atmosphere that makes us unique. Only minutes off the highway from the two million and growing Cincinnati metro area, Bellevue’s population in 2010 was 5,955, with 2,644 households. The median household income at that time was $49,685, and the homeownership rate in town stands at 67%. Apart from our convenient location, Bellevue boasts its own local public school district and is part of Southbank Partners, a group representing Northern Kentucky’s river cities, which will soon help increase our connectivity along the river with more exciting riverfront development.

The City of Bellevue, Kentucky, is glad to be able to offer several incentives to businesses and other property owners to help keep our community vibrant and growing. These opportunities may be found below by clicking on the plus sign to the left of each program. For information on Bellevue’s Rental Conversion Program, visit this page. Please contact us if you have questions about any of these opportunities.

Bellevue Renaissance Signage Grant

Businesses located in the Bellevue Renaissance Historic Business District can apply for a $500 matching grant for the design, fabrication, and installation of new signage or for upgrading existing signage. The grant applies to ground floor businesses and commercial property owners, and the 50-50 matching grant cannot exceed $500. For more information, read this PDF download.

Economic Development Incentive Program

This program is a matching grant program that was established to revitalize, develop, and encourage new growth and commerce within Bellevue. This opportunity is offered through the City’s Urban Renewal Agency. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to complete the project, as well as the short- and long-term economic impact of their proposed project. Commercial, residential, and combination commercial/residential projects are eligible so long as any project falls into one of the four eligible categories: (1) public infrastructure, (2) facade improvements, (3) parking creation, and (4) public/private partnerships.

Historic Preservation Grant

Since Bellevue’s historic fabric has been a driving force for its recent economic development efforts, this matching grant of up to $500 is available for properties in the Fairfield Avenue and Taylor’s Daughters Historic Districts. Eligible projects for funding may include the cost of removal of non-conforming materials; rehabilitation of historic materials; and fabrication and installation of recreated historic features to historic property in compliance with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. For more information about how you can apply to this program to make property improvements using the highest standards in selection of materials and workmanship, download this PDF.

Preservation Tax Credits

Taxpayers who invest in the rehabilitation of eligible buildings may qualify for federal and/or Kentucky state tax credits. Please contact Jody Robinson, Assistant City Administrator, if you are interested in learning more about these tax credits.

Property Assessment Moratorium Program

A building owner who seeks to repair, rehabilitate, restore, or stabilize an existing commercial facility at least 25 years old within the Bellevue city limits may apply to have their property assessment frozen at the pre-improvement level for a period of five years. The cost of improvements must total at least five percent of the property’s current taxable assessment and constitute more than routine maintenance of the property.

Off-Street Parking Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to reduce the demand for on-street parking and to improve the quality of life in Bellevue. This is done by providing an incentive to (1) assist those with qualified disabilities to improve existing off-street parking where, because of their disability, utilization of such existing off-street parking is not feasible and (2) create new off-street parking for residential properties. This incentive takes the form of a grant to qualified applicants not to exceed $750. Visit this page to find the guidelines and grant application for the Off-Street Parking Assistance Program.

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It is my honor to welcome you to Bellevue’s home on the web. Whether you are a long-time resident, a new family moving to town, someone interested in opening your business in our historic city, or just planning to make a visit, this website will help you learn more about all our city has to offer.

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