The elected City Council is not the only group in Bellevue that makes decisions affecting the quality of life here. As a fourth-class city in Kentucky, Council is ultimately responsible for approving or reviewing most decisions that affect residents and businesses, but the following groups have also been set up to comply with laws, regulations, and state or national programs for which public funds are expended or authority is entrusted. To see agendas and recorded minutes from all the Bellevue board meetings, please click here.

Board of Adjustments

  • Jack Meyer
  • Jeff Sharp
  • Steve Brun

Code Enforcement Board

  • Jeff Sharp
  • Matt Hanson
  • Joseph Lauer
  • Cassandra Zoda (Alternate)
  • Mike Almoslechner (Alternate)

Fire Board (with the City of Dayton)

  • Steve Guidugli
  • Pat Hogan
  • Janet Shipp

Historic Preservation Commission

  • Katherine Sigler
  • Margo Warminiski
  • Beth Rhorer
  • Bryan Veatch
  • Jill Fessler

     Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Jeff Sharp
  • Cassandra Zoda
  • James Dady
  • George Rasmussen
  • Carol Schoulthies
  • Emily Vance
  • Erin Wilkins

Tree Commission

  • Linda Fields
  • Mary Jo Boeh
  • Kathy Barrett
  • Scott Witte
  • Diane Witte

Urban Renewal Agency

  • Joe Kohrs
  • Ken Stapleton
  • Tim Wilhelm
  • Chuck Allen
  • Kevin Wright

Human Rights Commission

  •        Will Beauchamp
  •        Christine Mayhew
  •        Sloane Lee

Transit Authority Board

  •        Jeremy Worley
  •        John Hodges-Batzka
  •        Joe Nickol
  •        Karee Depoyster
  •        Paul McDonald


Like Council, some of these public bodies meet on a regular basis. You can check this calendar to see when the next open meeting of each group will be. Additionally, many other groups and associations are working hard to improve the Bellevue community. You can find a listing of them here.