A Message from Mayor Charlie Cleves

One thing about running a city is that priorities can change quickly. The condition of Lincoln Road is now our number one priority. City Administrator Frank Warnock and I have been trying to get a better understanding of all of the problems on Lincoln Road: the primary concern being water run-off issues.

It was a Tuesday evening and starting to rain pretty heavy, so I headed up to Lincoln Road. I was driving up and down it when another car passed annoyingly close. Then I get a phone call from Frank and realized we both had the same idea. Great minds think alike, but don’t tell him that. He was going up Lincoln, and I was driving down, and then we did the opposite. He almost hit my car.

Mike Yeager, our City Engineer, is now devoting time to Lincoln Road. We are in the process of filing for grants and asking our representatives for money to complete this project. We have our City Engineer looking for things that we can afford to do now to relieve some of the problems.

Preservation Awards

On May 22nd, the City of Newport hosted the 2019 River Cities Excellence in Preservation Awards for Newport, Covington and Bellevue. The building at 1001 Monmouth–under construction by Tom Guidugli Sr. and the Newport Millennium Housing Corp. III–was the location of the event as well as one of the award winners. Tina Neyer did an excellent job of describing and presenting the Bellevue awards. Community Development Director Jody Robinson did a great job helping to organize this great event. I had the honor of congratulating the winners and handing them their trophy.

The winners were Jim and Bev McPhail–Preservation Heroes; Diane Witte–Preservation Hero/ Stewardship for 220 O’Fallon Ave.; Natalie Mathis–Rehabilitation of 323 Lafayette Ave.; Allison Kortekamp–Rehabilitation for 235 Berry Ave.

Preservation Grants

On May 15th I received a letter from the Kentucky Heritage Council. It said: ”Congratulations, the Kentucky Heritage Council is pleased to announce that Bellevue was recently awarded three separate certified local government grants totaling $5,040.00. Jody applied for these grants for restoration weekend, our 150th anniversary and an architectural model to illustrate how to care for historic homes. We were awarded all three!

In Vue meeting

In Vue had its May membership drive meeting at my house. We fired up the pizza oven and supplied everything from beer to bourbon. Many of the new business owners were present and the evening was a great success. Frank was there meet and greet all of the business owners he did not already know. The pizza that was the most popular was a tie “between pepperoni” and”Mike’s Hot Honey” and “Frisch’s Big Boy pizza”.
We had a great time getting to know each other. We need to work together to keep the Fairfield business district active and vibrant.

Community Garden

While driving up Ward on Sunday, May 19th, I noticed 50 to 60 people in the area at Center and Ward. Also prominent was a newly built pergola, an amazing driftwood sculpture and nice new wood frames around the raised gardens.

I soon found out that this was a collaboration between the residents of Bellevue and the Crossroads Church. This was a weekend without church services in order to go out in the communities and build new relationships and do service projects.

The event in Bellevue was brought to life after Kendra and Brandon Coppage met with Bridget Vogt and decided on the Community Garden. Mark Vice will be pouring the concrete slab under the pergola. Sarah Horn led the kids’ crafts to let their parents work. Kirk Mayhew was the instructor from Thomas More who made the sculpture. I met several volunteers from Bellevue and many from Crossroads who I personally thanked for this amazing project.
This addition to Bellevue will be around for many years to come. The local residents who take care of this garden meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.

This spirit of cooperation, fellowship and activism is what makes Bellevue special. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for this project.

Bellevue Vets/ Cincinnati Reds Project

The Cincinnati Reds 150th anniversary project at the Bellevue Vets is about to explode. A new upgraded modern ballfield with many new assets will be developed over the summer.

Beside the Cincinnati Reds and the Bellevue Veterans Club, there are many donors to this project including St. Elizabeth Healthcare, the Cincinnati Zoo, Pepper Construction, Major League Baseball, Nelson Stark, Motz Group, Andy Frain Services, Tri-State Services,Duke Energy, IBE Local 212 Electric Workers, Reds Community Fund, Plumbers Pipefitters & Mechanical Services, Arts, Bellevue, Campbell County, the Commonwealth, Eaton Corporation, Tri-State InteriorsBricklayersLocal No. 18, Glennwood Electric, and others—hopefully you, too.

The project still needs more donations to make the project target. Your support no matter how large or small can benefit the overall project, or can be directed to Russell Madden Field or the Tom and Leo Groeschen press box. Please support this project with your donations.

The President of the Vets is Terry Hatton of Bellevue. He has donated thousands of hours over the years to the Vets. Buy that man a beer if you see him.

You can contact Terry Hatton at 513-200-4650 or terryhatton@me.com to make a donation. For every donation you make, the Vets will match it. So, if you’ve got an extra $10,000 or $10, please make a donation.
The Vets provide activities for the youth of our community and Northern Kentucky. They are volunteers who work very hard for us. They deserve your support.

Bicycle Racks

Have you noticed? Most of the bike racks have been installed throughout Bellevue. They are bright Tiger yellow and stand out. I have noticed they are already being used by bikers who are visiting our parks and businesses. Jody and our tried and true Public Service professionals—Rick Mallery, Dennis Trowbridge, Chris Searcy and Dennis Watson–have worked very hard to install the bike racks throughout the City.

Building a Tree Canopy

Did someone say trees? Have you noticed tree-wells are being expanded? New trees are being planted. The Tree Commission is meeting, talking, planning, working hard to improve the tree cover that is so important for our City. It’s all a work in progress. We are going to set aside funding for tree removal and plantings. We are going to try to monitor and manage our trees in the City the best we can. The Tree Commission is comprised of Linda Fields, Scott Witte, Kathy Barrett, Mary Jo Boeh and Diane Witte. Jody is the facilitator for the Tree Commission. Give these folks a big thank you for all that they do.

There’s More!

Did someone say the Marianne Theater? Of course you did. Frank has prepared a Request for Proposals for the development of the Marianne Theater. Tell your creative developer friends to submit professional creative proposals for one of our iconic historic structures in Bellevue.

We’re now using the theater marquis to promote Bellevue events. Take a look each time you drive by there. We’ve got posters in the windows now, and it’s looking better.

Did someone say dirt on Lafayette near Anspaugh? Yes! The dirt that was in the street from the landslide has been removed. We are still very concerned about hillside movement there, but the street has been cleared. This was a great inconvenience for the residents, but at least the street is open now.

Did someone say streets and sidewalks? But of course. City Engineer Mike Yeager will be busy preparing and prioritizing streets for repairs. Frank and Mike have been working on an application for a major grant to pave, street-scape and improve Donnermeyer Drive. Donnermeyer is a busy, important thoroughfare. It needs attention. Keep your fingers crossed.