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Bellevue, Kentucky, is proud to be able to operate the Rental Conversion Grant Program. This program provides a financial incentive to restore residential units to their original configuration. By seeking to reduce the number of multi-family rental units in town, we aim to reduce the demand for on-street parking, eliminate blighted conditions, and make strides in improving the quality of life in Bellevue.

Simply, the City of Bellevue will reimburse individuals varying amounts of funding, depending on the project, to help subsidize the conversion project. For each unit eliminated in a multi-family structure, the project may be eligible for up to a $5,000 grant. For a PDF outlining this program and an outline, Click HERE to download.

Program Operation

In brief, here is how the program operates.

1. The homeowner completes and submits an application to the City, accompanied by a non-refundable $25 fee (Click HERE for the three program forms required, located under “Rental Conversion Forms” near the bottom of the page).

2. The homeowner submits any additional information the City may deem necessary to make a determination regarding program compliance.

3. The City conducts an inspection of the structure prior to approval for participation in the program.

4. The applicant submits a list of intended contractors and sub-contractors to the City to assure compliance with occupational license requirements. Any change in the scope of work also must be submitted for review and approval.

5. Rehab work to be completed on the exterior of any structure located within one of Bellevue’s two historic districts is reviewed by the historic preservation officer to assure the intended work complies with Bellevue’s Historic Preservation Design Review Guidelines Manual. Some exterior work may need to be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

6. Once an applicant has been determined to comply with the building permit process, the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) process, and the occupational license permit process, the City issues a “Notification to Proceed” notice to the homeowner.

7. Bellevue’s building inspector reviews each approved project to assure compliance with building and zoning codes. A final inspection is conducted after all work is completed. Code violations must be corrected prior to the release of any grant funds. When the City is satisfied the conditions of the program have been met, the payment process below will begin.

*Note: If a question regarding eligibility of any applicant, contractor, or sub-contractor arises concerning a conflict of interest, a notice shall be sent by the City Administrator to the City Attorney for final interpretation.

Payment Process

Prior to the release of any grant funds, an applicant shall be required to submit to inspection to confirm that all work approved in the application process was completed. If final inspection reveals all work was completed in accordance with approved plans and that any code violations have been resolved, Bellevue will then issue the approved grant funds to the applicant subject to the City’s usual “claims” process.

If the work is not completed within ninety (90) days of the date of the “Notification to Proceed” notice, the application and award shall be voided. At the applicant’s discretion, a new application may be completed. The applicant may apply for, however, and the City may grant, an extension not to exceed ninety (90) days if said extension has been applied for prior to the voiding of an initial application. If an extension is granted and work is not completed within the extension time period, the application shall be voided.

Grant Amounts

These rental conversion grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the following plan.

A. Converting a two-family structure into a single-family: $5,000

B. Converting a three-family structure into a single-family: $10,000

C. Converting a four-family structure into a single-family: $15,000

D. Converting a four-family structure into a two-family: $10,000

For questions about this program, please contact Zoning Administrator John Yung.

616 Poplar Street,
Bellevue,KY 41073

P: (859) 431-8888

F: (859)308-3856

Hours: M-F
7:30am - 4:30pm

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