City Clerk and Treasurer

As one of the oldest functions of municipal government, Bellevue’s Office of City Clerk and Treasurer performs myriad duties essential to the city’s basic operations on a daily basis. Staff in this office are residents’ first resource for any general questions; the City Clerk and Treasurer collects all taxes, fees, and licenses, performs archival duties for all city records, and serves as lead liaison to communicate with residents and businesses.

Additionally, the City Clerk is custodian of record for the city’s elected Council, recording all Council minutes and other reports, as well as ensuring that any legislation adopted by Council is disseminated, organized, and preserved.

For the latest Council agendas, please visit this page.

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Mary H. Scott

City Clerk and Treasurer

Mary Scott has served as Bellevue’s City Clerk and Treasurer since 1991. She has worked for the city since 1979 in several roles, including Assistant Recreation Director, Deputy Clerk, and Assistant Clerk. As City Clerk, Mary is the chief historian for Bellevue, serving as custodian of all municipal records and records keeper for the Bellevue City Council. She also spends much of her time communicating important information to residents, including helping organize and spread the word about municipal events. As Bellevue’s Treasurer, Mary collects all municipal taxes, fees, business licenses, permits, etc. She and her staff also handle invoicing and accounts payable and receivable.

Lois M. McBee

Assistant City Clerk

Since 1999, Lois McBee has worked with the City of Bellevue as Assistant City Clerk. Lois’ chief role is to serve Bellevue’s residents, handling all aspects of customer service. Further, she works closely with the City Clerk and Treasurer on treasury functions such as invoicing, tax collection, licensing, and accounts payable and receivable.

Christi A. Schehr

Deputy City Clerk

Christi Schehr is Bellevue’s Deputy City Clerk and has served in this role since 2000. Christi focuses her time on customer service and is the first voice many Bellevue residents hear when they call the city. While she also assists the City Clerk with treasury functions, Christi remains responsible for records control, data entry, and communication of important ordinances, information, and events to the Bellevue community.

616 Poplar Street,
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P: (859) 431-8888

F: (859)308-3856

Hours: M-F
7:30am - 4:30pm

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