Zoning/Code Enforcement

While these two functions—zoning and code enforcement—are distinct municipal areas, they both affect residents’ quality of life, new construction throughout town, and how we interact with our neighbors. These functions help ensure that new and remodeled buildings in Bellevue are safe and habitable while providing research and strategic direction to the long-term plan of our community, among other day-to-day tasks. To contact Cindy, please visit this page to call or email. Please scroll down to get zoning and planning information.

Bellevue Zoning Ordinance

Visit this page to access and view the most up-to-date online version of the City’s zoning ordinance.  The Code of Ordinances passed by City Council can be found on this page.

Click here to download a copy of the zoning map.

Bellevue Comprehensive Plan

The City is currently in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. Check this page for new documents as they are released pertaining to the new plan. To download a copy of the existing 2008 Comprehensive Plan, click here. The tables associated with the Comprehensive Plan of 2008 can be downloaded here. 

Form-Based Code Info

In March of 2011 the City implemented a form-based code in several areas of the city. These areas are represented as “T” zones on the zoning map. The regulations for the form-based code can be found here. Below are some of the studies and documents that were developed during the city’s public input sessions on the code. Please note that any maps presented in the following documents do not reflect the current zoning of property. Illustrations are for planning and discussion purposes only.


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