Where do I vote?

Call Voter Registration at 859-292-3885

How do I pay my taxes?

You may pay in person at The Clerk – Treasurer’s office at 616 Poplar St. or you may pay by mail.

Who do I contact about trash and recycling pickup?

For missed pick up call the City Clerks Office 859-431-8888.  To set up recycling call Republic at 513-771-4200.

How do I obtain an occupational license?

Call 859-431-8888

Open Records Request?
How can I dispose of large furniture items?

You may set two large items on your regular pickup day.  Any items that are upholstered such as bedding, furniture or carpet needs to be covered in plastic.  City sells plastic bags; call 859-431-8888.

How do I report a problem with a traffic light?

Call 859-287-3535 and leave a message for Public Services.

What is the contact for our State Representatives?
When is Council Meetings and where?

Second Wednesday of the Month and held at Callahan Community Center 322 Van Voast Ave.

What if I want to report a problem, suggestion or complaint at the Council Meeting?

When you come into the Council Chamber there be a sign-in sheet.

What do I need to do to have a Yard Sale?

Yard sale is $2.00 for two consecutive days (2 allowed per year).

How do I get a building permit?

Campbell County Planning and Zoning 1098 Monmouth St., Newport, KY (859)292-3880

When are property taxes due?

They are mailed middle October with a due date of November 30.

How do I report a pothole? or you may call our Public Services Dept at 859-287-3535 and leave a message.

How do I report a problem property? or call Code Enforcement at 859-431-8888.


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