Where do I vote?

Call Voter Registration at 859-292-3885

How do I pay my taxes?

You may pay in person at The Clerk – Treasurer’s office at 616 Poplar St. or you may pay by mail.

Who do I contact about trash and recycling pickup?

For missed pick up call the City Clerks Office 859-431-8888.  To set up recycling call Republic at 513-771-4200.

How do I obtain an occupational license?

Call 859-431-8888

Open Records Request?
How can I dispose of large furniture items?

You may set two large items on your regular pickup day.  Any items that are upholstered such as bedding, furniture or carpet needs to be covered in plastic.  City sells plastic bags; call 859-431-8888.

How do I report a problem with a traffic light?

Call 859-287-3535 and leave a message for Public Services.

What is the contact for our State Representatives?
When is Council Meetings and where?

Second Wednesday of the Month and held at Callahan Community Center 322 Van Voast Ave.

What if I want to report a problem, suggestion or complaint at the Council Meeting?

When you come into the Council Chamber there be a sign-in sheet.

What do I need to do to have a Yard Sale?

Yard sale is $2.00 for two consecutive days (2 allowed per year).

How do I get a building permit?

Campbell County Planning and Zoning 1098 Monmouth St., Newport, KY (859)292-3880

When are property taxes due?

They are mailed middle October with a due date of November 30.

How do I report a pothole? or you may call our Public Services Dept at 859-287-3535 and leave a message.

How do I report a problem property? or call Code Enforcement at 859-431-8888.


Bellevue Trash Service Schedule

The trash collection schedule for the City of Bellevue, Kentucky, currently stands as outlined in the table below. Here are some general important things to remember.

• Per Ordinance 2011-02-02, all upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, cushions, box springs, and similar items must be encapsulated in plastic before placement along the public right-of-way for disposal. The City offers plastic bags to Bellevue residents at the price of $3.50 each.

• Please make arrangements for large-item pickup, recycling, or leasing a toter by calling Republic Services (513) 771-4200.

 Recycling pick-up occurs on Thursdays of every other week beginning March 6, 2014. Click Here for Recycling Acceptable Items. If not on the list they go into our landfills. To set up recycling you will need to call Republic Services (513-771-4200).

• All trash containers must have lids and are to be removed after trash collection.

• Trash cans should be placed for collection by 6pm the evening before the scheduled pickup day.

Engine Recycling Quick-Reference-Guide

 Click Here to check your  pickup day. If you have any questions give us a call at (859) 431-8888.

NKY Solid Waste Resource Guide – CLICK BELOW:


Duke Energy     1(800)544-6900

Northern Water Service    (859)578-9898

Sanitation District #1    (859)578-7450


This page contains the most current information as it regards taxes and fees, and their associated rates, for the City of Bellevue, Kentucky. The city’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Please contact us if you have questions about this information.

To access a property tax search function, please visit this page.

Property tax rate: $0.398 per $100 valuation

Tangible personal property: $0.532 per $100 valuation

Motor vehicle tax: $0.385 per $100 valuation

Disabled parking permit fee: $50 per application

Rental license fee: $40 per unit

Occupational license fee: $60 minimum

Payroll tax: 2.5%


Animals – Domestic & Wild

Animal Control


Terri Baker

Animal Control Officer

Terri Baker, pictured above with her children and pets, serves with the Northern Kentucky Animal Control. In this capacity, she assists the Bellevue Police Department and the City of Bellevue, at-large, as animal control officer. Her deep love of animals has proven to be an asset in her job, as well as beneficial to residents of Bellevue.

Because pets play such a significant role in many of our daily lives, Terri has provided some important information on this page to keep the community informed about relevant laws, ordinances, and good practices as they relate to our animals.

Laws and Information Pertaining to Dogs

I would like to update everyone on some new and old laws, as they pertain to our dogs. Responsible pet ownership is not always easy. Laws are changing, and more stringent laws pass elected boards often. Also, after much effort, we have a felony animal cruelty law here in Kentucky. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse. Ignorance of the law does not make you innocent. So, if you are a pet owner, take a moment to brush up on state statutes, county laws, and local ordinances. Below are only a few of the most common laws I enforce every day.

Important state laws include the following:

  • All dogs must have a rabies vaccination and wear their tag. A licensed veterinarian must give this vaccine. (No do-it-yourself vaccine!)
  • Female dogs must be confined while in heat. Female dog owners are liable for territorial males becoming aggressive and wandering. A spayed female will never go to court for this violation—another good reason to spay your dog!
  • Dogs running at-large from sunset to sunrise are in violation of state statute. Kentucky Revised Statutes allow police or animal control to kill such dogs. However, I feel court, fines, and altering are much more practical.
  • All dogs must have adequate space, food, water, and vet care. If you can not afford to supply all of these, do you and your dog a favor and get rid of him or her. It is also illegal to beat, mutilate, torture, or kill a dog.

Some Campbell County laws to be aware of include these:

  • All dogs must have a county tag. This tag is only $5 and can be purchased at the shelter (859-635-2819) or the Fiscal Court building on Monmouth Street in Newport. You must show proof of rabies vaccination.
  • All dogs that are housed outside for any period of time need adequate shelter. The definition of an adequate shelter requires a floor, roof, and sides. A plastic swimming pool turned upside down or “under the porch” are not adequate shelters.
  • Dogs must be restrained while riding in the back of a pickup truck. For me, this was common sense, but now it is finally the law here. Isn’t any unsecured cargo dangerous in traffic?
  • A dangerous dog that acts aggressive or has bitten before has special requirements. Homeowners insurance may even cancel you or your landlord for harboring such a dog.
  • If you feed a stray dog for three days or more, it is yours. You assume responsibility when you feed it; do not call animal control to pick it up.
  • Any stray dog must be held for five days only before becoming property of the shelter.

City ordinances vary. Bellevue’s laws include some of the following:

  • When walking your dog, on leash of course, you must pick up any stool left by your dog. This is not just a sanitary issue but a neighborly, respectful thing to do. Also do not forget your own yard. Be sanitary and scoop your yard regularly.
  • Excessive barking is a nuisance at any hour—day or night. This is another great reason not to leave your dog out all day while you work. Your bored, unattended, and lonely dog can become a neighbor’s worst nightmare. My hope is that they like you and hate to complain, but your dog might be driving them crazy.
Laws and Information Pertaining to Cats

In an attempt to eliminate euthanasia in our county we have a new program that allows Spayed/neutered and vaccinated cats to roam.  This program is call The Community Cat diversion program.  It began in 2016.  Click this link for information.

Please contact me if you have stray cats in you area that need to be trapped and spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  If your own cat needs it I can also assist you in finding the most economical solution to get it done.


Dogs & Cats:  UCAN 2830 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, Oh  45225, 513-721-PETS97387)

Cats Only:  OAR 5619 Orlando Pl, Cincinnati, OH  45227 513-871-0185



Our Animal Control office does not handle wildlife.  You may call (859)635-0037 Tri-State Wildlife Management 


Coming Soon!


We have 3 schools in Bellevue:

Grandview Elementary– grades pre-k-5,  500 Grandview Avenue (859)261-4355

Bellevue Middle and High School-grades 6-12, 201 Center St., (859)261-2473

Holy Trinity Catholic School-grades pre-k-8, 235 Division St., (859)291-6937

Community Feedback

Please use this form to send ideas, suggestions, or other feedback to Bellevue staff. We will respond to your request as soon as we can. Thank you.

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